Nilüfer Municipality City Theater

Bursa Nilüfer Municipality, which has been performing hundreds of culture and art events in every discipline since 1999, has put the theater in the limelight since 2007 and has launched the Nilüfer Art Production Theater and started to produce joint productions.

Nilüfer's audience showed great interest in plays, the city's growth and the opening of new scenes led Nilüfer Art Production Theater to establish a corporate theater in 2014. Nilüfer Municipality 'Theater', which has gained an institutional identity by opening its permanent theater, has become a corporate theater known throughout the country in a short time by opening curtains every week since then.

As the City Theater of Nilüfer Municipality, it continues its activities in order to become one of the leading theaters in the world, which eases life with its sustainable, innovative approaches and which contributes to the training individuals who watch, listen, read, understand and whoe are aware.